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Q. What is
A. is the one stop shop for everything Sean Mendis.

Q. Why is significant in my life?
A. If you have to ask, you won't understand.

Q. Is this site created solely to pander to's vanity and ego?
A. No, not solely. But possibly, significantly so.

Q. Is a vegan?
A. Are you joking?

Q. What pets does keep?
A. has 3 dogs.

Q. How does the live GPS locator work?
A. uses LocationOf's excellent GPS tracker app installed on a OnePlus 6T.

Q. Is available for childrens parties and bar mitzvahs?
A. No. Also unavailable for other religious rituals or social gatherings.

Q. What kind of internet speed do I need to access
A. is optimised to load on even the slowest connections. Eventually. It's worth the wait though.

Q. If could be a candy bar what candy bar would it be?
A. Mars. Because it's out of this world.

Q. What are's views on dwarfism?
A. Whatever is politically correct.

Q. Can I earn frequent flyer miles for visiting
A. No.

Q. Why isn't featured on Wikipedia?
A. Wikipedia is for the proletariat. is exclusive.

Q. Is there a store to buy branded merchandise?
A. Of course! Just visit the exclusive E-Store and the Sean Mendis author page on

Q. Does have any subsidiaries or affiliated websites?
A. Yes. is affiliated with

Q. I think I went to school with How do I contact him?
A. Facebook and LinkedIn are good places to start.

Q. I think may be the father of my unborn child? How do I contact him?
A. You don't. Now bugger off.

Q. I think I want to be the father of my future child? How do I contact him?
A. Send an email to with a brief outline of your intentions. Please also enclose two pictures in JPG format - one headshot and one full body shot.

Q. Can help me get a refund from Ghana International Airlines?
A. No. is no longer affiliated in any way with Ghana International Airlines.

Q. Does have a message for any aspiring
A. Live your life like the dreams you have are real (with apologies to Westlife).

Q. Is better viewed in widescreen (16:9) or standard (4:3) format?
A. Standard (4:3) format is best.

Q. What colour is the roof of
A. has no roof. The sky is the limit.

Q. I want to subscribe to updates for How can I do this?
A. You must keep checking back. updates when you least expect it.

Q. Where can I find the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy?
A. You can't. It's a secret.

Q. Has made it large?
A. No, but has made it different.

Q. Is available for the Japanese market?
A. Not yet, but future enhancements will include a customised site for that region.

Q. Does require refrigeration?
A. No. can be stored at room temperature.

Q. Is available as a downloadable smartphone app?
A. Coming soon for Android. iPhone users can sod off.

Q. Are all the stories featured on true?
A. All stories featured on are based upon true events. Some names may have been changed, abbreviated or withheld for various reasons. Some details may have been withheld or modified to maintain the integrity of the storyline and protect the privacy of individuals. Any resemblance to the official version of actual events should not be assumed nor is implied.

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